How We Started

It was 2020 in the middle of the global pandemic and I was having a great conversation with my dad, whom already owned businesses at the time. He was just telling me because jobs was laying off workers or not working many hours, that it would be wise to have something on my own to fall back on.


I’ve always loved fashion and dressing my absolute best. So I decided to create my own clothing brand. Platonic is a non intimate friendship. I’ve always been one of those people that can get along with anyone from all walks of life. Never had any enemies. I had to find an adjective to put into naming my business. The first name I actually came up with was PlatonicFuture. I kept saying it out loud but it just didn’t resonate to me. I started adding action words to go with platonic and “super” was the one that stuck with me. Hence how I came up with SuperPlatonic.


I love to dress comfortable as well as business casual, therefore the items I create reflect that. When I started my brand, I envisioned every one being able to wear clothing from me. I made it my duty to create an environment where no matter your size, you’ll feel better about yourself wearing our clothing. With over 500 products, currently on the website you’ll find items for men, women & kids. Most of our clothes go up to a 5X.


If you’re wearing any item that I’ve ever created, then you believe in my vision and for that I’m beyond appreciative.


                       - Deondre’ Branch, CEO



Vision Statement 

The vision of SuperPlatonic is to become the world’s most popular brand in all products that enhance peoples’ lifestyle. To deliver great value to our customers every day. Creativity, freedom, sharing and excellence are all central to our values.